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About Us

Learn about Arrowhead Driving School and the owner Rik Lewis!


  • Here at Arrowhead Driving School, we are ALL ABOUT THE STUDENTS.
  • Our GoalTo teach students solid fundamentals, so they become safe, responsible, drivers.
  • The Classroom work is all Online, for busy and active students. Now you can arrange drivers education around your life instead of the other way around. Now you can take a driver’s education and not interrupt your lifestyle.
  • If you are motivated a student can finish in 1-2 weeks verse the state public school drivers ed program that takes 7-12 weeks!

About The Owner & Instructor

Rik Lewis is the owner and director of Arrowhead Driving School operating in the Greater Boise Metro Area. Rik has been teaching drivers ed in the area now since Spring 2007. He probably has more experience (windshield time) than 99% of these instructors in this area. He spent 20 years driving professionally for the FedEx Corp, 11 of those years driving at an even higher level on the freeways of Southern California in a tractor-trailer. That’s over 34 years of driving every day!