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Arrowhead Driving School

We give you the behind-the-wheel training
required for your Idaho Driver's License!


Thank you for contacting us. We’ve made the decision to RETIRE. We will finish driving the kids whose permits are on our desk. Then we will drive off into RETIREMENT. -Rik Lewis

List of state skill Testers: Click Here!


Years of Driving


Years Teaching

By far the best experience my kids have had taking drivers education. Rik truly understands what it means to be patient and has a passion for teaching. Thanks Rik!

Carly Young

It was really fun getting to know Rik in the behind the wheel training. He was always full of energy and made sure I wasn't missing any of my checks. I passed the test with no problem. Highly recommend.

Jeff Gemmell

I was recommended Rik by some of my friends and he didn't disappoint. Loved the training in the car and his kindness during each drive, even when I wasn't doing my best!

Mark Levin